Create content that shines

Freelance copywriter and editor, Luxembourg

Like hitting your objectives? So do I. I help brands like yours create content that truly speaks to your customers.

Imagine your content addressed what your customers are really looking for. Imagine that every publication treated them like human beings, without the ‘corporate blah’ they’ve become so accustomed to.

The results: your readers would start tuning in (not out!) and truly listening to you. They would trust you implicitly and be more likely to take action.

As a web copywriter and SEO expert, I use customer interviews (UX research) to understand what drives your target audience.

I write simple, direct, and sincere content that resonates with your customers.

Whether it’s a landing page, blog article or product sheet, I can help you lay the foundations for a unique relationship with your audience. How? By putting the customer back at the centre of the conversation, no matter how you’re reaching them.

With content that performs well in search engines, it isn’t uncommon for my clients to double their performance indicators, with increased online visibility, website traffic, time spent on the website or social media engagement.

Our shared goal? To make the magic happen.

So, how can I help you?
Website content
Looking for the right words? I’ve got them!
Content strategy
Let’s define a content roadmap to help achieve your goals.
Content management & editorial
I oversee content creation and copywriting, to ensure you meet your deadlines.
I deliver workshops and trainings teaching the right techniques for online content creation.

The 4 stages of content creation

Simple steps to launch your projects on time.
A document that summarises your request, the objectives and scope of the project, your key stakeholders, and timeline.
Interview your customers, marketing or product managers to gain a solid understanding of your business.
I start by writing samples, so we adjust the content and format before the content creation begins.
Final delivery
You’ll receive refined, polished content that’s right on time. I’m always available to make the final touches so you’re fully satisfied with the results.