Slide your content to the top of Google

Search Rankings Consultant & SEO Expert

Want to appear in the top Google search results when your customers are looking up your products or services? Eager to drive more traffic to your website?

SEO is often seen as an obscure art, handled only by technical gurus who communicate amongst each other in some unknown and mystical dialect. Viewed by many as an expensive and confusing service without any guarantees, the topic of SEO is surrounded by much confusion.

Never fear! I am here to guide you. I will give you the step-by-step secrets to master the algorithm and get your website to rank higher in search engine results. I believe in sharing this knowledge and defining a clear plan of action that leads to measurable results.

How can I conquer the algorithm?

My expert SEO support will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I increase my company’s visibility on search engines? 
  • How can I get my website to rank high on Google?
  • How can I get ahead of my competitors on the web?
  • How can I generate more qualified traffic to my website? 
  • How can I continually attract new customers and increase my conversions?

Curious to find out how it’s done?

Let’s put an end to blind content that’s masquerading as results-driven marketing. From now onwards, each of your product pages and blog articles will include one or two keywords you’re positioning with.

  • To find these keywords, I study the searches your potential customers are carrying out on Google. What are their questions? What problems are they trying to solve? Amongst these keywords, which are you already “ranking” on? Are your competitors doing better? If so, how?
  • Next, we determine a strategy to “match” the user’s search request with your content. I will then draw up a precise and prioritised plan of action to optimise your existing content, create new content, and bring you back on track.
  • The success of your project lies in monitoring and ongoing coordination. Every month, we will meet to share the progress of your initiatives and stay motivated.

Your initial results will come quickly. It’s not uncommon for your visibility to double over the first year. You will sustainably increase the number of contacts made, and continue to gain more customers.

Our shared goal? To achieve yours.

So, how can I help you?
Semantic audit
Study existing Google searches within your market.
Technical audit
Identify what’s currently hindering your visibility.
Semantic optimisation
Optimise your content to make it easier to find.
Link acquisition
Identify potential opportunities to drive backlinks to your website.
Website architecture re-organisation
Publish new pages that meet the needs of your customers.
Performance reporting & analysis
Track your SEO & website traffic for ongoing improvement.

The 4 stages of SEO

To get results, I rely on an efficient and agile methodology where collaboration is key.
A document that summarises your request, the objectives and scope of the project, your key stakeholders, and timeline.
Audit & digital strategy
I analyse the current visibility of your website, the websites of your competitors, the behaviour of your visitors, and the traffic volume. We will then define which keywords to prioritise and which strategy to run with.
I will define a precise, realistic and prioritised plan of actions based on your desired outcomes. The team will discuss what has been done each month to follow the progress of the project as closely as possible and stay on track.
Continuous improvements
I will analyse your site's performance each month, taking into account your visibility and website traffic. You now have clear data to measure the impact of your actions and your results against your initial objectives.