Find out what your clients really care about

UX research, Luxembourg

80% of companies say they place their customers at the heart of their initiatives. But only 8% of customers agree with this statement. Houston, we have a problem!

Most marketers are just trying to guess the needs and emotions of their customers. But decisions that are made without first checking if they’re aligned with your customers are often a waste of time and money. Why launch a mobile app if your customers really need a chatbot or an FAQ section (frequently asked questions)?

Let’s imagine your content addresses exactly what your customers are looking for, based on the feelings and frustrations they experience along their buyer’s journey.

What would this mean for them? They would most certainly feel understood, expertly guided, and more inclined to buy your products or services.

Ready to move away from assumptions and in the direction of certainty? Convinced that user research is the key to setting yourself apart from your competitors? 

I will go out and meet your customers and prospects, to help you fully empathise with their needs and priorities. How? By carrying out interviews, questionnaires, and data-gathering around your user behaviours. 

The results: you’ll have a clear, ‘picture perfect’ view of your target personas, which you can use as a roadmap to help you stay aligned with each new piece of content or website feature you release for your customers.  

Our shared objective: To design radically positive digital experiences.

So, how can I help you?
UX research
Start understanding your customer’s expectations (and how to meet them!).
User testing
Identify user pain points and resolve them ahead of time.
UX writing
Guide your visitors along their journey, using micro-content.

The 3 stages of UX research

Simple steps to launch your projects on time.
A document that summarises your request, the objectives and scope of the project, your key stakeholders, and timeline.
Interview your customers, marketing or product managers.
The final insights will be delivered in the form of a mental model, customer journey, and buyer persona(s), which will help shape the design phase of your web projects.